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This time payton won’t be able to access the forum . I wish to get the blog back up and running but I need your help!Please post a comment on why you want to work on the blog and I shall reply with a final answer on thursday!

Also the forum that I now go on is cpigloo 🙂 it is a great for staying on it’s feet for 1 year straight!We are currently looking for users like you guys so please register .



Posted on: May 17, 2009

Im quitting “Club Penguin” . The blog is shall stay opened for anyone
who wishes to buy it.

View my cousins blog instead I moved
to pandanda it is the best. 🙂 Come join me.

new rockhopper background

Check out this exclusive picture of Rockhopper’s latest background that we found!!Now instead of the old background of just Rockhopper in it, you have Bambadee on the left side and Rockhopper on the right side!The new background can only be unlocked if you meet Rockhopper and Bambadee at Disney World and get a special coin code from them to unlock this exclusive background!!

Also, in other news, while we were busy showing you the latest cheats to the new member’s quest, we have not notice the new Medieval Catalog that is currently at the Gift Shop. One thing to note is that all the items in the new catalog is for members only, except the cool new background in the catalog that is for non-members as well so be check to check it out!!

Hey everyone if you are reading this then thank you! As you are one of the 200,000 people that got me all of these hits!

Please keep on viewing the blog as I want to get 1 million befor september , that would be great if we did!

Untill another post…….Waddle on!

~That Guy

Other news!

For getting this many hits in so little time I made a forum for you guys so you can chat with me and friends! If it becomes popular then I shall start up a membership shop . Promise! is the url

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard from some of you who have had the chance to meet Rockhopper in Florida and we really appreciate that you are sharing the experience! Here’s what some of you have said:

“I’m always looking for him in Club Penguin but now I got to meet him in real life!”

“Meeting him was awesome and the blue penguin was really funny.”


For those of us who can’t be there, we really appreciate that you’re writing to us to let us know what it’s like!

Until then…Waddle on!

~That Guy

Hello Penguins!

Today we wanted to give a really loud shout-out to our penguins down under and say thanks for making the Elite Penguin Force DS game #1 in Australia and New Zealand!!

epfimages.jpgYour excitement about the game has really caught on here – and it has the team talking about the great sense of community in Club Penguin. Even though Australia and New Zealand look far away on a globe, we’re all part of one amazing community. The excitement from players all over the world is what makes the Club Penguin community so awesome.
So, Australia and New Zealand… Thank you! Without your support, and the enthusiasm of all the Club Penguin players around the globe, special milestones like this wouldn’t happen.

Until then…Waddle on!

~That Guy


Posted on: April 27, 2009

Hello Penguins!
With a brand new Penguin Style catalog coming out on Friday, we thought we’d get you thinking wigs. So we want to give you a challenge:
Get as many of your penguin friends as you can into an area — with wigs! The more wigs, the better! The wackier the wigs, the better! We’ll be on the lookout for a cool screenshot to feature on Wednesday’s blog. Which wig will you be wearing?

Here’s a peek of some hair you might find in Friday’s catalog:

medieval hair.jpg
The Medieval Party starts on May 8 – and to me, this hair looks like it might be used to befriend dragons and climb castles…

Until then…Waddle on!

~That Guy

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